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Aman Bhatia

Phone: +91-9958599850

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Hello, I am a marketer empowering businesses and professionals to grow whilst improving Securitas' SEO and driving new conversions.

I choose particular words on purpose, then arrange them in ways that pleases the pink squiggly stuff in people’s skulls. I also think up marketing ideas and always try to make them meet on the corner of cool and strategic. Some even dance a little jig.



Triplicity - Punkaverse - PokePunks


The buzz-word for 2021 was NFTs (non-fungible tokens). And yours truly decided to jump on the NFT band-wagon, not to make a quick buck, but purely from an intellectual point of view to see what all the hubbub is about, yeah I know as many people say “in it for the tech”. I started my NFT journey at the beginning of 2021 and it's been an "interesting" ride to say the least. 

Many people like me saw the opportunity in the market and went all in.

My first project, PokePunks, provided me with invaluable insights into the world of crypto, NFTs, and marketing, even though it wasn't a huge success. Nonetheless, it allowed me to gain a profound understanding of the industry, establish crucial connections, and conceive innovative ideas for upcoming projects.


My second NFT project, Punkaverse, was a collection of 500 hand-drawn NFTs on Ethereum, and this time I was well-equipped with essential knowledge and utilised strategic marketing tactics to generate high demand and interest among collectors. The result was successful sales and repeat customers. I monitored and ensured consistent growth and engagement across various digital communities, including Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit, building a community of over 30,000 members and over 1500 unique collectors.


However, I could see many newbies were reluctant to do so because of the complexity and affordability of these NFTs.


This is where the idea of Triplicity came from. 

I spent six months doing anything and everything to get it off the ground—organizational design, branding and marketing, community building, mentoring, curriculum design and delivery, and fundraising support.

Finally, under the brand Triplicity, I launched multiple successful collectible NFT series on India's first-ever NFT Marketplace, consistently achieving a high percentage of NFTs sold. Through this, I gained a deep understanding of different customer segments and the Indian NFT Industry, leading to my invitation to showcase my work and speak at the first-ever Delhi NFT exhibition.Ultimately, I was featured in Firstpost as one of the most successful NFT entrepreneurs in the country. 


It was an incredibly rewarding experience. We gained partners and supporters, building a community of over 4,000 collectors across 70+ countries. And importantly, we achieved financial and operational sustainability.

2021 - Present

Securitas AB

Assistant Manager - Marketing & Communications

Got an opportunity to work at one of the biggest companies in the Security sector. Making full use of my previous experience and working on my passion to grow, worked super hard to get promoted as an Assistant Manager in a couple of months. 

Currently, I support one General Manager and two company Presidents at the company with marketing & communications and presentations. As a result, I am highly proficient with content, design, paid media, SEO, and analytics functions. I have also gained experience in managing and engaging with communities on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit. In my time at the company, my work representing our $100 billion portfolio is trusted to be sent directly to Securitas’ senior management.

2022 - Present

Atraski India

Digital Marketing Intern

The team I had the privilege of being a part was tasked with improving the social media channels and expand the different verticles the company was operating in. We helped carry out the top-to-bottom branding redesign, and then led the complete overhaul of the marketing strategy. September 2021, we launched our Influencer management offering – which increased our total addressable market by ~40%. In my time there, we increased the following by 150% and grew overall sales by $2500.


​I was valued for my ability to deal with complex situations by coming up with fresh and unique ideas, which actually paid off. 

2021 - 2021

AYTA Sports

Marketing Associate

Obsessed with football, a sport that brings a lot of people joy, my first job had to be in the sports industry. Wanting to work for a startup with the goal of learning and taking in as much as I can, I started working for AYTA. 


Seeing the potential of this industry to make people's lives better, we set off on a mission to help as many people in the world as possible get a taste of what we had enjoyed for years. 

Over the time that I worked together on AYTA, we were able to promote, coach, and launch dozens of events and expand the business. I was fortunate to learn about marketing, especially paid ads, business analytics, sales, operations and business development. But now it was time to head to University!

2019 - 2019


University of Edinburgh Business School

Master’s in Marketing

Edinburgh, Scotland

2019 - 2020

University of Delhi

Bachelor of Commerce Honours

New Delhi, India

2015 - 2018



Creative Storytelling

Keyword Research


Google Analytics

Paid Ads


Website Development


Microsoft Office









Francesc Miralles and

Hector Garcia


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki


Secrets of the Millionare Mind

T. Harv Eker






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